Internet Explorer 8 – Disable Accelerators, Turn Off Accelerators

Did you recently upgrade your Internet Explorer to version 8 and maybe got a little overwhelmed with all the new features?

Some of the new features of Microsoft IE8 are great however in my opinion there is to much bloat. It appears that Microsoft has gone a little overboard trying to integrate in all of their MSN Live properties into your desktop.

One of the annoying features is the little blue boxes called Internet Explorer Accelerators that pop up every time you highlight something on a web page. Even after uninstalling all of the IE Accelerators a faded out little blue box pops open just to let you know that Accelerators are still available.

Below I describe how to completely disable Internet Explorer 8 Accelerators.

Example Internet Explorer 8 Blue Accelerator Icon Pop Up:

Disable IE8 Accelerators And Stop The Small Blue Icon Pop Ups:

Open Internet Explorer 8 Options: Click on Tools in the top navigation bar and select Options from the drop down to open IE8 Options as displayed in the image below.

Open IE8 Advanced Options: From the Internet Options configuration window displayed in the above image click the Advanced tab which will display the Advanced Internet Options as shown in the below image.

Disabled IE8 Accelerators: Scroll down to “Display Accelerator button on selection” which is located under the Browsing section of the Advanced Options configuration window. Remove the check from the the box next to the “Display Accelerator button on selection” option.
Click the Apply button followed by the OK button to close the Internet Options configuration window.
Verify IE8 Accelerator Button Disabled: Now highlight text on a web page to make sure that the Accelerator button no longer displays as shown in the below image.

Now you don’t have to worry about accidently clicking the Accelerator button every time you highlight text on a web page.
If you find that Accelerators might be beneficial to you then you can add the check back to the “Display Accelerator button on select” in Advanced Internet Options.



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