Microsoft Windows – How to Forward Local Drives to Remote Machines Using Remote Desktop

Have you ever had a file on a flash drive that you needed to use on a machine that is situated in another building or even halfway across the world?

You can do that by plugging it into your local machine and then forwarding the drive through your remote session to that machine. Here’s how to do it.

Press the Windows Key and R to bring up a run box, and type mstsc to launch the Remote Desktop Connection Dialog, or you can just search for Remote Desktop in the Start Menu.

Click on the arrow Next to options to see some of the more advanced options.

Once the interface has extended, switch to the Local Resources tab.

Now click on the More button, to see a more extensive list of things that you can forward to the remote machine.

Once you have clicked  and expanded the drives, you will see a list of all the devices in your PC, you can forward anything from your CD/DVD drive to a USB drive that you have connected.

Check the box next to any of the drive that you want to forward.

Now you can connect to the remote machine as you normally would.

Now if you open explorer on the remote machine you will see you drive, it will appear as if it has been mapped.