Nokia – How to Copy & Paste Text


As a new user of nokia phone, i really wanted to copy and paste text from SMS messages to my notepad application with my nokia E50 business phone without using PC suite application.

At last i found how to do it.


  • Open the SMS message and forward it. You will the SMS text editable in the text editor.
  • Hold Edit Key and Press Arrow Keys (or Joystick) downwards to block the text. In certain higher end nokia phones you will find this edit button on the side of the phone (just like Nokia e50).
  • Again press edit key and you will have copy option.
  • Now open Notepad in your mobile.
  • Now press Edit button to paste text.

An example of the location of the Edit Button on a Nokia N73

Thats it! The text is copied from SMS to your notepad application. This little trick could be really handy if you want to extract and save important information from SMS messages.