Xbox 360 – Reset Display Settings From The Xbox 360 Controller


We have been refurbishing a bunch of Xbox 360′s lately in our computer shop and today I was going to test one out for an extended amount of time so I needed to find a monitor or something to display the output of the Xbox 360. I tried getting it working on a Dell 1950FP monitor which has a DVI input but it wasn’t working properly so I figured I would try to reset the display settings on the Xbox 360 to see if that would make a difference. Use the instructions below to reset the display settings on your Xbox 360 from the Xbox 360 controller.

Reset Xbox 360 Display Settings From Xbox 360 Controller:

  • Power On Xbox 360: Power on the Xbox 360 using the Xbox 360 controller. Do this by holding the Xbox button located at the top/center of the Xbox 360 controller as pointed out in the below example image with the black arrow.
  • Reset Xbox 360 Display Settings: Right after the Xbox 360 begins powering on, which can be determined by the lights spinning in a circle on the Xbox 360 itself and the Xbox 360 controller, hold the yellow Y button and the right trigger which are both pointed out in the example image below.
  • Continue holding both the “Y” button and the right trigger until you see the Xbox 360 power cycle by itself. Once it turns back on the display settings should be set to the default Xbox 360 display settings.

This can be very useful for troubleshooting display issues on your Xbox 360 because when the display settings are set at to high of a resolution then it is possible the device displaying the Xbox 360 picture, such as my Dell 1950 screen or a TV, will not display anything at all.




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