Drop All Tables in a Database Quickly (SQL Server)

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Just a quick and dirty way of dropping all the [gs table]s in a database, without dropping the [gs database] itself.


Useful for when your writing data migration [gs script]s and staging data and need to wipe out your development environment real quick … or, when you’ve found that uber cool sql-injection-able site and want to wreak some havoc (I don’t condone the latter, but I do think its funny from time to time when it happens to the ‘big companies’).

select name into #tables from sys.objects where type = 'U'

while (select count(1) from #tables) > 0
declare @sql varchar(max)
declare @tbl varchar(255)
select top 1 @tbl = name from #tables
set @sql = 'drop table ' + @tbl
delete from #tables where name = @tbl
drop table #tables;