Microsoft Windows – How to Disable Remote IPC Connection & Sharing

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Inter-process Communication (IPC) is an essential resource needed for establishing remote connections. It allows for the sharing of application data across named network pipes. This resource is represented as IPC$, where $ represents an administrative hidden share. IPC can be disabled to prevent unauthenticated connections. You can disable IPC connection and sharing by disabling the corresponding hidden share.


  • Log in to your computer as a system administrator.
  • Click the Windows "Start" menu, click "Control Panel" and choose "Administrative Templates".
  • Double-click "Computer Management". The Computer Management console will open.
  • Expand the "System Tools" node on the left pane by clicking the corresponding "+" sign. Expand the "Shared Folders" sub-folder and select "Shares." "IPC$" will display in the right pane.
  • Right-click "IPC$" and choose "Stop sharing" from the pop-up menu. Click "OK" in the confirmation dialog box. Close the Computer Management console.