Windows 7 – How to check if TRIM is Enabled

How to find out if TRIM is Enabled and Working: After installing an SSD drive in your computer, you might wonder if trim is working. The Trim command allows the [gs operating system] to notify the SSD (solid state drive) of which data blocks are no longer in use so that they can be wiped.  Similar to defragmenting a drive (which is not used on an SSD), Trim enables the SSD to handle garbage collection in an attempt to keep drive performance at a maximum.

How to Check if TRIM is Running in Windows

  1. (1) Click Start (2) Type cmd (3) right click cmd.exe and select Run as administrator;


  • Type fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify into the Command Window and press Enter;
  • If the result is DisableDeleteNotify = 0 then *Windows is set to send TRIM commands to the drive;

* = Note that the SSD drive must also support the ability to process TRIM commands sent to it, otherwise this setting is meaningless.




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