Remove Formatting From Text in Microsoft Word

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Many times when you copy text from another source (document, webpage etc), the formatting of that particular text never comes out the way you want it to. This happens because the copy command basically copies not only the text but also the various formatting done to the text (bold, underline, font size, hyperlinks etc). However, the formatting can easily be removed with a single click in a Word document. Microsoft Word’s latest 2013 version and all previous versions provide a very simple way to remove formatting on a selected text.

The "Clear Formatting" Button!

To remove formatting, select the text you want the formatting to be done on and hit the Clear Formatting button on the top navigation bar. This will convert the selected text to its original unformatted form.

Remove Formatting From Text in Microsoft Word

Remove Formatting From Text in Microsoft Word

Similarly, the same ‘Clear Formatting’ button can be used to remove formatting from a selected text (or the whole document for that matter) in other Office platforms including PowerPoint and Excel.

Shortcut Key!

And there’s an even faster way to remove formatting, with the help of shortcut keys. Simply select the part of the text you want formatted, and press CTRL + Spacebar to remove all character formatting (font size, font styles, colors etc) and CTRL + Q to remove all paragraph formatting (text alignment, bullets, numbering etc).