Enable/Disable Ambient Sensor Light on DELL computer

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The Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) automatically adjusts the brightness of the system's LCD panel based on surrounding light levels. DELL portable systems equipped with the ALS have a small square window located on the bottom edge of the LCD panel (Figure 1).

Enable/Disable Ambient Sensor Light on DELL computer

The ALS will increase the brightness of the LCD panel when used in a brightly lit area, and dims the display when used in darker areas. By design, brightness changes are made gradually to prevent flickering and may not be easily noticed.

The ALS is disabled by default when the system is shipped from the factory, but can be enabled by using:

  • The FN keyboard shortcut
  • The DELL ControlPoint System Manager utility
  • The DELL Quickset utility
  • The System Setup (BIOS) on some models

For those who find this feature annoying by installing DELL ControlPoint System Manager using the following packages (direct download, for x64 and x86, available here in HeelpBook):

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NOTE: to access the ASL settings you'll have to open the Power Manager module in DELL ControlPoint software.