TRON 2.0 – Cheat Codes

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TRON 2.0 is a fantastic game (released in 2003, it's old but even graphics is not bad to be played on new systems) built over the sci-fi movie called TRON (1982). I don't recommend to use these cheats during all the game because in this way this game will not be the same and will not be fun to play (as all cheats of all games). I recommend to use these cheats only if you're stuck or blocked by too enemies and you don't have any chance to survive (for example, low energy and health).

These cheats are already available in the retail version of the game, so you'll don't need any trailer to enable them.

TRON 2.0 - Cheat Codes

TRON 2.0 - Cheat Codes

Press the "T" key to bring up the talk menu, then enter the following cheats:

God mode: mpgod
Level select: mpmaphole
All weapons, health, energy: mptears
All weapons, health, energy: mpkfa
Full health: mphealth
Full ammo: mpammo

NOTE: You may have to press Enter after typing the cheats.

NOTE: Due to the game engine that TRON 2.0 was developed with, you might have to re-enter cheats once you reload a level or start a new one for them to be activated again. The game may even say "cheats disabled" but actually might be on.