Fix Hard Disk corrupted Boot Volume?

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It’s possible your boot volume got corrupted by some recently installed Software, Viruses or Windows/Software updates and it’s better to get it repair as soon as possible so, now there are one things you can do to repaired your boot volume and the thing is repair your hard disk by cmd commands.

So, now we are using cmd command to repair our hard disk boot volume and now you'll just need a cmd to type the command into command prompt. Actually there are so many ways to run cmd on your screen but I only want you to use “Cmd Run By Windows Disc” or “Cmd Run By Hiren’s BootCD” because other ways not gonna work for you.

After you have opened the cmd successfully on your computer screen and then it's time to repair your hard disk by typing commands it in. just follow these command given below and it will helps you out to fix your boot volume.

Command 1# – Diskpart
Command 2# – List volume
Command 3# – Exit

Fix Hard Disk corrupted Boot Volume?

These above listed commands will help you out to find your windows drive letter which one we are going to repair. We do this because on windows installation disc or Hiren’s your windows drive letter isn’t C: anymore but sometimes it does so, that’s why need to clarify our windows drive letter first. Here’s my windows drive letter you can see in given image below.

Now you know what is your drive letter is so just enter your drive letter in the command prompt and repeat the following command given below.

Command 4# – D:  (You’re Windows Drive Letter)
Command 5# – Bootrec /fixmbr
Command 6# – Bootrec /fixboot
Command 7# – Bootrec /rebuildbcd
Command 7# – Chkdsk  /f    (Try chkdsk /f /r If “Chkdsk /f” command Wont Works)
Command 8# –  Y

After “chkdsk” command completes, just restart your computer and I hope your problem is solved.

Fix Hard Disk corrupted Boot Volume?