How to disable Ctrl+Shift keyboard layout switch (Microsoft Windows)

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It could happen that while we are writing on our Windows system the keyboard layout change suddenly, from US to IT or FR or DE, for example. This behaviour is not linked to a virus/malware or a bug, but to a "hidden" functionality of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Probably, while we are writing, we have hit, at the same time, the Alt + Shift combination, changing, in this way, the keyboard layout with no user notification.

For example, by default, on Windows 7 systems, the default key shortcut is the following:

How to disable Ctrl+Shift keyboard layout switch (Microsoft Windows)

So, the procedure to change or disable this combination is the following:

  • Open Region and Language in Control Panel.
  • Choose Keyboards and Languages tab.
  • Click Change keyboards... button.
  • In the popup go to the Advanced Key Settings tab.
  • Here you can choose the between input languages item in the list then press the Change Key Sequence... button.
  • Change to Not Assigned radio button.
  • Click OK 3 times to exit. :)

Windows 8.1/10

This panel has been moved in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. From the desktop:

How to disable Ctrl+Shift keyboard layout switch (Microsoft Windows)

  • Go to Settings (with the mouse hover at bottom right, then click cogwheel).
  • Choose Region & Language.
  • Click on Additional date, time and regional settings text link.
  • Choose Language (or "Add a language" or "Change input methods" - all go to the same place).
  • Go on Advanced settings link (on the left side).
  • Go to Change language bar hot keys (a hyperlink about halfway down, under Switching input methods section).
  • Go to Advanced Key Settings (tab).
  • Select the Between input languages option.
  • Click on Change Key Sequence (button) and set it to None to disable.