Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800CC80

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Microsoft Outlook is widely used by users for personal use, business communication and for keeping record of emails at corporate sectors. But some user's complaint about abnormal behavior of Outlook and different type of error messages while working with mailbox data that does not permit them to access any of the PST file components. One of the common error messages that users observe is "Outlook error 0X800CC80" that does not permit them to send email to other users.

Brief Explanation about Outlook Error 0X800CC80

When Outlook error 0x800CC80 is encountered by users, the process of incoming mails works fine but when they are about to send any email to other user the message get stuck in outbox. The probable causes of this error message could be incorrect server settings and third party add-in programs. In such case it recommended for users to close the Outlook and restart in Safe mode. If mail gets delivered from outbox in Safe mode then the only cause is add-ins like Norton Internet Security, AVG or all similar working programs.

Recommended Manual Solutions

In order to let Microsoft Outlook to fix problem manually, users can rely on 'Repair' option from Account Settings.

Outlook Repair Option

  • In Outlook 2007: Tools >> Account Settings >> Email
  • In Outlook 2010: File >> Account Settings >> Email

Select the required file and click on Repair to begin the process.

Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800CC80

If the repair program gets fails or remain incomplete then correct Advanced Email settings by going to Account Settings. Click on 'Account Settings' and then select 'More Settings'. Then check/update the configuration values with correct ones:

Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800CC80

In the 'Advanced' tab, check if SMTP port number or SSL settings is correct. Verify from your email provider staff to grab information about current server names.

In 'Outgoing Server' tab also verify authentication settings. Also change settings for 'Log on to incoming mail server before sending mail'.

Anti-Virus Program

If none of the above problem works fine to solve the Outlook error 0x800CC80 then at last add-in is the issue.

Disable third party add-in from Outlook settings by following under suggested steps:

Go to File >> Options >> Add-ins (For Outlook 2013 and 2010) or Trust Center >> Add-Ins (For Outlook 2007)
Click 'Go' option provided at the bottom of the page and disable anti-virus add-in to let Outlook works properly.


Microsoft Outlook is an advanced program built-in with powerful security algorithms. Installation of some third party add-in does not prove fruitful to users; it integrates with built-in Outlook security and results in occurrences of different type of error message. Therefore, it is recommended for users to avoid installing third party add-in integrated to let Outlook works smoothly.