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Backup as a Service (a type of cloud service that is dedicated to backup purposes).

Backslash is a character heavily used in computing and created by Bob Bemer in 1960. The backslash is a very popular character also used in different areas and called backward slash, downward slash, reverse solidus, etc. The backslash is depicted as . The backslash is created after the forward-slash and became popular with the popularity of the Microsoft MS-DOS operating systems.

A data backup is the act of archiving or copying files for the purpose of being able to restore them at a later date in case of data corruption or loss.

Backup Policy
The processes and procedures for ensuring that adequate types of backups are made, including periodic testing of those restoration processes.

Backup Software
Computer software applications that are used for performing the backing up of data.

Bandwidth is a term used to express the total capacity of network transmission in a single second. It provides the maximum rate of the data transfer for a given path or connection in the computer network. Bandwidth also called Network Bandwidth, Data Bandwidth, or Digital Bandwidth where generally all of them refer to the same term bandwidth. As a rate or network capacity, term bandwidth can be expressed by using different rate or capacity units. The used bandwidth unit is mainly related to the given technology but following bandwidth units are popular today: Megabit Per Second or Mbit/s and Gigabit Per Second or Gbit/s.

Binary code
The most basic language a computer understands, it is composed of a series of 0s and 1s. The computer interprets the sequence of binary code to form numbers, letters, punctuation marks, and symbols. Along with being the most basic form of code, binary also represents the smallest amount of data that flows through all of the various complex hardware and software systems handling today’s data resources and assets. The smallest amount of data is called a bit, and is represented by either a one or a zero.

The smallest piece of computer information, either the number 0 or 1. In short they are called binary digits.

Boot Sector Virus
Boot Sector Virus mainly resides in the master boot record MBR of the computer system or operating system. This means they are loaded during OS start and this makes them very hard to detect and remove. They are generally spread through removable media, CDROM, USB Drive, Floppy Disk.

Data that is compiled but not made available until a later time.

Business Continuity
Tasks performed by businesses to ensure critical organizational functions are always “on”. Business Continuity is not disaster recovery; Business Continuity are tasks performed 24/7 so that products and services continue to operate without fail, and are recoverable and “rebootable” if required to minimize downtime.
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Computer Glossary
A collection of computing terms, for a quick reference and to know a bit more about protocols, acronyms and more computing related words and expressions.
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