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Machine Learning
Aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) where machines learn from tasks performed and become more and more skilled over time.

Macro Virus
Macro Virus is created with some scripting language to run on the target operating system. Macro Virus can also run on different applications like Word, Presentation and Excel tools.

A rogue system-penetrating software designed to gain access to a computer, its databases, its network or its files.

Markup Language
A markup language is not a programming language. It's a series of special markings, interspersed with plain text, which if removed or ignored, leave the plain text as a complete whole. Most markup languages are human-readable because the annotations are written in a way to distinguish them from the text itself. Markup languages define the style and structure of a document so that a computer knows how you want that document to appear. Two common markup languages are HTML (HyperText Markup Language), that describes the structure of a web page and XML, that describes a particular type of data. Most markup languages are defined by an outside authority for use by many different people, usually by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Memorized Secret Authenticators
A Memorized Secret authenticator, commonly referred to as a password or, if numeric, a PIN, is a secret value intended to be chosen and memorized by the user. Memorized secrets need to be of sufficient complexity and secrecy that it would be impractical for an attacker to guess or otherwise discover the correct secret value. A memorized secret is something you know.

Essentially, metadata is data about data; metadata provides insights on what the data is about.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that businesses can use to manage applications and services through a global network of managed data centers.

Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Exchange Server is a product developed by Microsoft with features such as email, calendars, contacts and tasks that integrates with Microsoft Office online.

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.

A managed service provider (MSP) provides IT services such as server, network, and specialized applications to end users and organizations. These services are managed by the service provider and either hosted remotely in the cloud or on premise.
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Computer Glossary
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