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A computer or virtual cloud devise that controls requests made to it by a client programs.

Space (Whitespace) Character
In computing the whitespace character is used to express that represents horizontal and vertical single character space which is empty. The whitespace is called as space in short. The white comes from that the space is not filled any color or any pattern. Most of the computer physical and software keyboards provides the space character. ASCII characters are separated into different categories called Control Characters, Printable Characters, Extended Characters, etc. As it can be printed the whitespace or space character is categorized as printable characters. The ASCII code of the space is 32 which has the symbol U+0020. The space character also expressed as a binary value 0010 0000.

Spacefiller Virus
Spacefiller Virus is also called as Cavity Virus where it will fill up empty disk spaces. This type of computer virus does not cause any damage to the system. By only using empty sections of a file, the virus can infect a file without the size of the file changing, making it more difficult to detect.

The act of changing the sender’s name in an email message so that it looks as if it came from a different address.

A programming language for retrieving data from a relational database.
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